• Professional Development
    Teachers in Leon County Schools participate in annual profesional development seminars that focus on African and African American History.
  • African Caribbean Dance Theater
    The African Caribbean Dance Theater is composed of Leon County Schools Students that travel and perform rich cultural African Caribbean music and performances throughout the state.
  • Curriculum Resources
    Curriculum Developer Anicia Robinson reviews teaching strategies on instructional materials and resources given to LCS Schools.
  • Leon County Schools Curriculum Team
    Leon County Schools Administrators, Teachers, District Leadership and School Board Members coming together to make this initiative a reality.
  • African American S.T.E.M. training activities
    Teachers from all Leon County Schools participated in various hands-on activities depicting notable contributions by Africans and African Americans in the S.T.E.M. fields of study.
  • Sample Student S.T.E.M. projects
    Picture depicts sample student projects that students can easily create while simultaneously learning about notable African Americans in S.T.E.M fields.
  • Teacher Collaboration
    Our curriculum and professional development revolves around teacher collaboration. Here we have two middle school teachers discussing the different engaging instructional methods that they can use to increase student performance while learning about African and African American History.
  • African Caribbean Dance Theater
    The African Caribbean Dance Theater provided Leon County School Teachers and Administrators with a colorful rendition of African Music and Dance.
  • African and African American Studies Proclamation
    A proclamation was signed by the superintendent, assistant superintendents, all district administrators, curriculum developers and teachers detailing Leon County School's dedication to the instruction of African and African American Studies in the classroom.

Superintendent Jackie Pons and the Leon County School Board proudly request the review of documents and materials for the designation of African American Exemplary Status School District by the State of Florida’s Task Force on African American History. Leon County Schools has noted the importance to ensure the delivery of appropriate instruction regarding African and African American history across all curriculum areas.  The intent of this vitally important curriculum is to provide our students with authentic and meaningful instruction that gives them  a better understanding of the plight of African Americans.

Through this site, evidence, resources and curriculum noting the infusion of African and African American History are clearly documented and represented throughout all subject areas and grade levels. With a conscience effort from all Leon County Schools stakeholders, we have recognized the need to actively pursue the instructional teaching of African and African American History into the daily instructional curriculum. All stakeholders make a concerted effort to infuse faithfully and appropriately instruction regarding the history of African Americans, including the history of African people before the political conflicts that led to the development of slavery, the passage to America, the enslavement experience, abolition, and the many notable contributions of African Americans to society.


Leon County Leadership proclaiming their dedication to  the instruction of African and African American Studies throughout all Leon County Schools.